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This was the official website for the 2011 Africa Fair Trade Convention. Content is from the site's 2011 archived pages.


About Africa Fairtrade Convention

The Africa Fairtrade Convention provides a platform for African small-scale producers, international traders, policy makers, partner organisations and Fair Trade stakeholders to discuss how better trade conditions can help improve the livelihoods of African farmers and workers. After the successful inaugural edition in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, held at the end of last year, the Africa Fairtrade Convention will this year take place in Accra, Ghana.

On Wednesday 23 and Thursday 24 November convention participants will discuss at the Fairtade Africa Forum how collaborations between all involved actors can be enhanced, resulting into more effective output and new opportunities for the different stakeholders in the supply chain – from the coffee planter in Uganda to the retailer in the UK – and beyond. Theme this year is 'Effective Trade Partnerships for Sustainable Livelihoods in Africa'. During the final day, on Friday 25 November, the African Assembly, the highest legislative meeting for Fairtrade Africa members, will convene. Non-members are invited to attend as observers.

For the first time, in parallel with the Forum and the African Assembly, a Fairtrade & Organic Expo will take place where small-scale producers, traders, partners, service providers and other stakeholders can meet to build new relationships or strengthen existing ones; where business is being done, valuable information is gathered and opportunities are being created.

Who will attend?

We expect 200 participants from across Africa and beyond, including African producers, international traders & industry professionals, policy makers, NGOs and Fairtrade partners. Representatives of the following organisations have already confirmed attendance: Kraft, Nestlé, Twin, Ofxam, International Solidarity for Development and Investment (SIDI), Fairtrade Foundation and Association for Fairness in Trade.

About us

The Africa Fairtrade Convention 2011 is organised by Fairtrade Africa. Fairtrade is an international movement that works to protect and support small-scale farmers and workers in the South. Our mission is to connect disadvantaged producers with consumers and promote trade justice. We at Fairtrade Africa are representing the African farmers in the global system. For more information, visit our website: www.fairtradeafrica.net


Social Programme

Field Trip

On Tuesday 22 November a field trip will be organized to two Fairtrade certified producer organisations near Accra. This will help increase understanding of producer realities and offer participants the opportunity to interact with producers in their environment. A small-scale cocoa farm and a fresh fruit plantation will be visited.  

All convention participants – producers, traders and other stakeholders – are welcomed to attend. The trip, which will take up a full day, will start early in the morning so participants need to arrive the night before in Accra. Please make sure to confirm participation when registering for the Africa Fairtrade Convention. 


After a hard day's work, some relaxation is in order. A cocktail reception will be organized at the end of Day 1 of Fairtrade Africa Forum (23 November) to network and get acquainted again with old friends. 



What does ‘gender’ mean in Fairtrade farms?
Fairtrade Africa is currently working in collaboration with Fairtrade International and the other Producer Networks (CLAC from Latin American and NAP from Asia) to define a gender strategy for the system. As part of this process FTA will carry out a workshop in order to get input from its members. The aim is twofold: to exchange experiences among producers on the relationship of gender and key topics like health, education, production and economy, leadership and participation in Fairtrade producer organizations  (POs) in Africa and to collect inputs towards the development of a diagnostic and a strategy that allows increased gender equality within the POs in Africa and the wider Fairtrade system in general. 
Who can attend: Producers
For more information contact: Marcela Guerrero Casas at [email protected]

Media training
During the A one-day training, Fairtrade producers will learn how to make the most of media opportunities. The session will include both theoretical and practical sections, whereby mock interviews are set up. After the workshop, producers will have a better knowledge of the media landscape, know how best to prepare for an interview and have learned techniques to guarantee the best results.  
Who can attend: Producers
For more information contact: Veronique Verlinden at [email protected]

Fairtrade Cashew Round Table 
The Fairtrade Cashew Round Table discussion will allow stakeholders to present their positions on setting a Raw Cahshew nut price as well as offer suggestions to improve the current certification model and grow the market for Fairtrade cashew.
Who can attend: Cashew producers from Africa, Asia and South and Central America. Cashew traders, processors and other interested parties including LI’s and NGO’s working directly with Fairtrade cashew producers.
For more information contact: Johanna Zimmermann at [email protected]; Benjamin Gatland at [email protected] 



A Fairtrade & Organic Expo will run during the Africa Fairtrade Convention, where producers, traders, retailers, Fairtrade Labeling Initiatives and other partners can showcase their work. The Expo will also provide a networking opportunity to build stronger supply chain partnerships. Booths will be displayed in an open plan space, while isolated meeting spaces will be provided if required for interviews or discussions.

Why exhibit?

  • Face-to-face power- Get first-hand market information & improve understanding of your activities/service capabilities to producers/traders/partners
  • Create trust - Improve relationships with your partners which will help further build trust on both sides
  • New business - Identify new business opportunities
  • Unique - As the first continental-wide agricultural exhibition which brings producers and traders together in Africa, this is a unique setting to meet people and do business
  • Network - Introduce your organisation to supply chain stakeholders and partner organisations, identify new value chains available in the region and establish contacts with potential producers
  • Showcase - Demonstrate how you work together with Fairtrade to make a difference to the lives of African producers


  • Forum Theme 
    Effective Trade Partnerships for Sustainable Livelihoods in Africa.  
  • Fairtrade & Organic Expo
    The first continental-wide agricultural expo which brings producers and traders together in Africa
  • Why exhibit?
    Identify business opportunities and get first-hand market information.
  • Convention audience
    African small-scale producers, international traders, policy makers, partner organisations, Fair Trade stakeholders…



As an international trader in coffee from Africa, this was a convention I would normally attend. But a long delay at Kennedy International put me a day behind and forced a stay overnight at the airport. But as serendipity would have it, I had a most compelling evening, passing time with other stranded passengers. Even had dinner with one of my heroes, the search engine specialist Bob Sakayama. Many online businesses exist and thrive because of the technical prowess of TNG/Earthling, his NYC consultancy. We spoke for 4 hours and could have kept on going. Although I missed the 2011 Africa Fairtrade Convention, I have attended every one since. Established in 2005, Fairtrade Africa is the independent non-profit umbrella organisation representing all Fairtrade certified producers in Africa. Fairtrade Africa is owned by its members, who are African producer organisations certified against international Fairtrade standards producing traditional export commodities such as coffee, cocoa, tea, cotton, bananas, mango and non-traditional commodities including shea butter and rooibos tea. It's heartening to see how the organisation which represents over 1,050,000 producers across 33 countries in Africa has grown since its inception more than ten years ago.









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